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LHC news

Verantwortlicher Autor: Benjamin Graf-Lubec Genf, 22.12.2019, 00:51 Uhr
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Genf [ENA] Five years have passed since the discovery of the Higgs boson. Now, researchers not only discovered a new particle, but also detected the decay of the God particle into two quarks of particles. This confirms theoretical predictions about the behaviour of the Higgs boson and its short-livedness. The experiments were carried out in the particle accelerator (LHC) in CERN.

It became exciting for the physicists of the LHC in Julie 2017, because physics outside the standard model could be betrayed in the interaction of the decays. A milestone in the history of physics has been achieved, as the prediction of a 58 percent probability was taken into account, but has not yet been proven. Thus, another part was created in the Higgs puzzle. The data exhaustion, which is only small in relation to the experiments, makes it difficult for the researchers to understand an experiment, in which the quarks also arise in the LHC as a decay product of other starting particles.

Extensive analyses made it possible for physicists in CERN to detect about 300 Higgs decays from around 20,000 Higgs bosons a day and 70,000 background results. Through a so-called hump in the decay curve, the scientists saw the decay in two bottom quarks. This diagram now serves as the long-awaited proof of decay and will provide entirely new insights into the Higgs. During this discovery, the scientists became aware of another decay. Namely, the decay of a Higgs boson into two tau leptons, the heaviest relatives of the electron, which proves the coupling of the Higgs to leptons.

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